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We are excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity to be one of the first people to get your hands on the new series of our best-seller - Lush 3!

*Only available in certain regions.

What’s New?

The fixed tail ensures Lush 3 “hugs” your body and stays in place.

Even more, it puts more pressure on your G-Spot which results in even more intense, deeper, and rumbly vibrations!

Impressive Battery Life

Improved battery that allows up to 1.6 hours longer usage time.
Enjoy up to 5 hours of continuous use!

  • Lush 2

    190 Minuten

  • Lush 3

    290 Minuten

Even More Silent!

Lush 2

The highest sound level: 45.5 dB


Lush 3

The highest sound level: 43 dB

Latest Bluetooth Technology

Die längste Kontrollreichweite von allen tragbaren Bluetooth-Vibratoren!

Die Reichweite des Vibroeis beträgt maximal 30 Fuß

360° Reichweite im Stehen

Up to 45 feet Up to 30 feet
Die Reichweite in Sitzposition beträgt maximal 10 Fuß

360° Reichweite im Sitzen

Up to 20-30 feet
Steuert das Ei mit Wifi


Beliebige Entfernung


The first-generation of Lush bullet vibrator was a smash hit after its introduction in 2015. This adorable, little love egg was nearly silent but packed a big punch with over four times the power of similar toys. It also made headlines for being the first vibrator to be controlled via an Apple Watch.

It's no wonder Lush's pre-orders broke the $100,000 mark and sold over 300,000 units in total.

Lush 2

Despite its success, we didn’t stop there. In 2018, the newest version of our remote control love egg got an impressive face lift. We pored over customer feedback and made the changes many of you wanted…

We redesigned the antenna, and the connectivity has been greatly improved. We also moved the button to the end of the antenna, so you can turn it on and off while still being able to wear it. Finally, Lovense has a continued obsession with power - Lush 2 now has an even BIGGER motor to ramp up the power without reducing battery life.

Lush 3

Lush and Lush 2 became our worldwide best-sellers. As soon as we launched Lush 2, we knew that there would be a Lush 3. As before, we did lots of research and tried to get as much feedback as possible.

At the end of 2020, we are proud to offer a limited availability presale deal for our biggest supporters … cam models! The charging port was updated to a magnetic one for an easier charging process. The fixed tail makes sure the toy stays in place and provides deeper and more intense vibrations. And, like always, we have included the newest-technology antenna to ensure great connectivity!

  • 4.5-5 Hours of Continuous Use
  • Hautfreundliche Materialien
  • IPX7 Wasserdicht
  • Freihändisch
  • Wiederaufladbar mit USB
  • 1 Jahr Garantie

Supported by Multiple Platforms

Lush der realistischste Vibrator per Fernsteuerung
  • The Lovense Remote app screenshot: tap and slide remote control.


  • The Lovense Remote app screenshot: traditional remote control.


  • The Lovense Remote app screenshot: long-distance control options.


  • The Lovense Remote app screenshot: create unlimited patterns.


  • The Lovense Remote app screenshot: sync to music.


  • The Lovense Remote app screenshot: sound activated.


Lush 3 is a fully programmable remote control vibrator which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels. Our app allows you to choose a power level which matches your individual needs.

Programm 3 Stabile Stufen Bis zu 10 Muster

App Screenshots:

(1/6) Fernsteuerung mit Tipp- und Schieberegler


Lush 3

von Lovense


Bluetooth tragbare Vibratoren

Vibrator Slips


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  • (1) Bluetooth Remote Control Vibrator
  • (1) USB-Ladekabel
  • (1) Benutzerhandbuch
  • (1) Quick Setup Guide
  • (1) Storage Bag
Lush 2 by Lovense packaging.

*Only available in USA and Russia.

*Due to limited availability, one customer can buy 1 Lush 3 toy.

*Special offer if you pay by PayPal.

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