Fun With Teledildonics - 12 Sex Toy Games to Play in Public

Have a wearable sex toy but have no idea what to do with it?


For those of you who don’t know, wearable sex toys are vibrators that will stay inside of you while you go about your day (and controlled through a smartphone app – or those crappy remotes).




While the titillation of just wearing them out in public is enough, often couples want something spicy to do alongside the toy.


Here are 12 games you can play while sporting your wearable teledilidonics.


NOTE: Feel free to adapt these games to be geared more towards your personal needs or preferences – intimate couple (MF/FF/MM), subtle public play, obvious public play, sex parties etc.


1. Endurance games – You can’t show any reaction when the toy is on. If you do, you must pay a penalty. Example: take a shot, confess a secret, perform a dare, owe a favor etc. Locations can be anywhere – quiet restaurant, party, club, dinner with friends etc.


An adaptation of endurance can include, “Strike a Pose” -- where the wearer must hold a pose for X-minutes while the toy is on.


2. Guess Who – Couples mingle. One person has a remote and randomly turns it on. Another is wearing the toy. Others have to guess who’s wearing the toy. Right guesses gain a prize while incorrect guesses gain a penalty.


3. Walk the Line – See if you can walk a straight line while your toy is being controlled.


4. Spin the Bottle – Simple, but spinning a bottle and whoever it lands on gets to control the toy for X-minutes, seeing if they can make the person orgasm.


5. Sexy Roulette – Alternate for Spin the Bottle, make labels with toy instructions (leave on high for 30 sec, make a pattern, try a public pattern etc.) put in a circle and spin a bottle in the middle. Perform whatever instructions it points to. The goal can be to organs or not orgasm with prizes or penalties.


6. Coupons – Not so much a game as just publically using the toy - Make a coupon book with toy promises or instructions. The wearer can hand in whatever card they want the controller to perform.


7. Dice – Using regular dice (or role-playing dice which have more sides), each number is a vibration level you will turn the toy up or down to. If your toy has more than one function, roll two dice.


8. Play Simon Says – While wearing a toy the person must play Simon Says. Sounds simple, but pleasure can be a big distracter.


9. Hand Over Control – Harder, but fun. Give the remote to the wearer and have he/she increase or decrease levels. Have the other person try to guess what level it’s on. This is easier if you can agree on set levels ahead of time.


10. Guess the song – Agree on a limited playlist beforehand (eg. No more than 5-10 very different songs). While wearing the toy, and having it synced to one song and the wearer guesses which one.


11. Karaoke Challenge – Send the wearer up to sing a karaoke song (while wearing the toy) and see if they can get through it without cracking their voice, forgetting a line, or orgasming.


12. Every Time They Say – While out in public, choose a word (or even a sound) and every time you hear it, set the toy off for a couple seconds. Car horns during rush hour … is just mean (or nice).




For users who are DIY inclined, look up instructions for making a “prize wheel” or “spinner” to make instructions, prizes, or penalties easier to handle while in public.





Cut a circle from firmer paper, divide it into slices and write whatever information you want. Push a thumbtack or coin through the middle. This makes a simple spinning top. Place something small on the table that serves as the “stopping point.”


Alternatively, instead of a pin, you can place a fidget spinner on top of the paper disc and put a dot on one arm as the stopping point.


PINTEREST SEARCH: "Spinners" will yield some good results.


INSTEAD OF A SPINNER, get a deck of play cards and write whatever instructions, prizes, or penalties on each one and randomly draw. Easy to carry around and offers more options.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


Do you have any fun, wearable sex toy games that you can play in public (and not get arrested)?


Have a fun day!


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