How to survive a long-distance relationship?

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Carry on with distance
We are committed to developing solutions for long-distance relationship. Since the pandemic started, we have seen more and more users recommending Lovense products. We hope to bring you more inspiration through the following true stories.
User Stories
It all started with a girl from New York. Not just a typical girl but the girl that is so weird that she matches my weird, and we became best friends and I married her. The only difference between us and other couples is that we do those through our computer screen. The only difference between us and other couples is that we live our couple lives through our computer screen. Yes, me and my wife are in a long-distance relationship……
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Long-Distance Play via Lovense

Egal, wie weit Sie voneinander entfernt sind, synchronisieren Sie Ihre Spielzeuge, um die gleichen Empfindungen zu spüren, oder haben Sie Fernsex per Chat oder Video.
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How To React When Your Partner Is Moving Away
Imagine both of you are pursuing further studies, and your partner has just got accepted to a program in another state or, even worse, another country. Or, he just got a fantastic promotion which requires him to relocate to Italy. All of a sudden, you start getting pessimistic and doubtful about the future of your relationship. On top of that, you catch yourself feeling guilty. Instead of popping champagne bottles, you are constantly wondering about your future as a couple.
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