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- Buzzfeed
  • Sam
    Lovense hat uns geholfen die Lücke in unserer Beziehung zu schließen. Diesen Lebensstil zu leben ist nicht der Einfachste.
  • Jessica
    Es hat einige Probeläufe gebraucht (welche trotzdem Spaß gemacht haben) bis wir uns an das Gerät gewöhnt haben, aber seit dem war Ruhe im Boot. Wir haben Max und Nora jetzt schon seit über einen Monat und beide Produkte funktionieren einwandfrei!
  • Kerry
    Mein Mann findet, dass es das beste Spielzeug ist. Tolle Produkte!
  • Brian
    Ich reise jedes Jahr in über 20 Länder. Mein Lovense Spielzeug ist jetzt mein bester Reisebegleiter.
  • Nathan
    Ich denke, dass es irgendwie unsere Fernbeziehung verbessert. Sowohl meine Frau als auch ich spüren jetzt den Unterschied.
  • Alluring Ali
    Ich hatte einen Klienten, der Max für ihn und Nora für sie liebte. Tolle Spielzeuge!
  • Richard
    My partner and I are very satisfied customers of yours as regards the Lush. We've had it for some time now and find it does exactly what you'd expect it to and does it very, very well.
    This is all the more impressive as we were previously badly let down by a competitor product. Your product is vastly superior.
  • Josef
    The software and connection reliability is FANTASTIC!  Beats OMB by light years!!Other products are looking even better now!
  • Sébastien
    I want to say thank you for your amazing products!
  • Paul
    I recently purchased a Lovense Max toy which I must admit is the best male toy I’ve used.
  • Nicholas
    I really love your products! I am a webcam model and using the Lush has taken my income to a new level! Thank you!
  • A New Lovense Fan :)
    I'm a model who uses LUSH, HUSH, & NORA for my cam-life and I love them! lol
    They have definitely helped boost tips!
  • Dennis
    I have purchased your Lush and Hush, and I must say I love your products.
  • Ben
    My wife and I love your product. We had max and nora when that was your only products.
  • Larrell
    It's a pleasure to reach out to you! We are big fans of Lovense' high-quality line of toys.
  • Dan
    I simply love your products. I have purchased most of the items you sell.
  • Tiffany
    Hello! I love your toys. I currently have the hush and lush and they have really taken my BDSM relationship to the next level! I started out using the wevibe and being extremely disappointed. Your toys are leaps and bounds better than the wevibe. Sadly though, I always hear people talking about the wevibe. 
  • Steve
    My girlfriend and I have a long-distance relationship due to school and work. She ordered, got it today and used it tonight. Nora changed everything. She LOVED it and I loved controlling it. Whoever invented this...give that man (or woman) a cigar!!! I'm ordering Max for me tomorrow. Thank you so much for this amazing tool that takes intimacy to another level even oceans apart.
  • Princess Aleksandra
    A sub introduced Me to his Hush plug, and I just want to say that you make great and innovative products, and I wish you further successes in your business ?
  • Goddess Nyx
    Thanks lovense for letting me explore a virtual gangbang with your interactive toys!!! We have the hush, the nora, two lushes and the max ready to go!!! All I'm missing is the domi. Thanks again for your products!

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